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Can the Contraceptive Pill Cause How Long Do Panic Attacks Last

we did some research to determine  how much your doctor actually knows about the link between the contraceptive pill and your mental health including How long do panic attacks last.. Panic attacks. How long do panic attacks last I couldn’t take it anymore. I felt like I had lost my head. My skeleton was clawing […]

White Board Presentation Video How Long Do Panic Attacks Last

We were asked if we could provide more help to people so we did some research and found that a Visual Video or White-Board Presentation can really help. We have created a White board Presentation about How long do panic attacks last, Anxiety, Stress, Nausea, Arachnophobia etc: Take a look, i think it will help you: […]

5 Things Anxious People Hate. How Long Do Panic Attacks Last

5 Things Anxious People Hate…But Try To Be Cool About

There are loads of perks to having an anxious friend. Sure, we tend to overthink things. We worry about every possible thing that could go…

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Dream Deprivation Caused By How Long Do Panic Attacks

Dream Deprivation May Be As Serious As Sleep Loss

A new comprehensive literature review by an integrative medicine specialist suggests dream loss is at the root of many of the health concerns attributed to sleep loss.

The review by Rubin Naiman, PhD, appears in the “Unlocking the Unconscious: Exploring the Undiscovered Self” issue of the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences. Naiman is a sleep and dream specialist at the University of Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine.

The paper details the various factors that cause rapid eye movement (REM) sleep and dream loss. Typical sleep follows a pattern in which deeper, non-REM sleep is prioritized by the body. Only later in the night and into the early morning do people experience dreaming, during REM sleep.

“We are at least as dream-deprived as we are sleep-deprived,” noted Dr. Naiman, UA clinical assistant professor of medicine.

He sees REM/dream loss as an unrecognized public health hazard that silently wreaks havoc by contributing to illness, depression and an erosion of consciousness.

“Many of our health concerns attributed to sleep loss actually result from REM sleep deprivation.”

The review examines data about the causes and extent of REM/dream loss associated with medications, substance use disorders, sleep disorders and behavioral and lifestyle factors.

Naiman further reviews the consequences of REM/dream loss and concludes with recommendations for restoring healthy REM sleep and dreaming.

Source: University of Arizona

Getting Enough Sleep, How Long Do Panic Attacks Last.

Can lack of sleep cause longer panic attacks? Growing older often means a loss of the youthful ability to enjoy a deep, restorative slumber as periods of wakefulness, frequent bathroom trips, and anxiety are common. As such, growing older is characterized by less sleep. New research, however, finds that elders would benefit from the quantity […]

If Your Social Anxiety Was A Real Person, How long do panic attacks last

If your social anxiety is anything like mine, you’ll most likely have those persistent niggling thoughts every time you approach a social situation. They probe your brain and infect it like a virus, whispering nasty things not just to you but about you. These thoughts attempt to establish themselves as truth until we believe them above everything else.

Thoughts that if said out loud by a real live person to someone we love, we’d accuse them of bullying.

Imagine your best friend, brother or sister, being told “You’re not good enough”, “Everybody in the room is going to laugh at you”, “Everything you say is wrong and nobody likes being your friend”. How would you feel about the person expressing those poisonous words?

Would you want your loved one to invite them into their life and trust them? Would you want them to listen to their demeaning and cruel dialogue? Would you stand back and watch that person chip away at your loved one’s self-esteem without saying a word? I doubt that very much.

You would probably want to protect them from this person. You’d brand a relationship like that abusive and toxic.

Why is it then, that we let our social anxiety talk to us in that way? We convince ourselves that all the negative things that creep into our mind is true. We give it such a big platform that it takes over our lives, sometimes so much that we avoid things we’d actually rather like to do. Instead of thinking of the potential any social situation may have, we think of how we might screw it up, or how it might hurt us.

Maybe, we should think about our anxious thoughts as we would a person talking to someone we love. Every time that voice chimes in to tell you that “you don’t fit in” or “everyone here thinks you’re weird”, ask yourself how you’d react if you heard a random person saying that to someone you care about? How wrong those words sound out loud.

Let’s give our negative thoughts and self doubt less power.


If Your Social Anxiety Was A Real Person

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A video explaining and showing the effects how long do panic attacks last

How long do panic attacks last We have created the video below to hopefully help  sufferers of panic attacks. I cannot remember how old i was when i suffered my first anxiety attack, i think it was when my parents split up when i was  about 9 years old and ended up in divorce.  To make […]

Falling in Love When You Have Anxiety and not knowing how long do panic attacks last

Falling in love is scary. I think we can all agree that, no matter how old we are, giving our heart to somebody can be frightening. We’re unsure if it’ll work out or if your love and trust will be betrayed by the very person you’re freely giving it to but, despite this minefield of ‘what ifs’, we pursue what our heart thinks is right.

When people say ‘you’re crazy – it’ll never work out’ or ‘you’ll only get hurt’: do we listen? Of course, not. Why? Because any glimmer of hope is enough for us to cling onto with dear life and commit to. We want to make it work – even with the odds against us – we understand that love could be forever.

We understand that love… True love, is rare and, to couple this with anxiety, it can:


Falling in Love When You Have Anxiety is Fucking Hard.


Make you pay attention to every single, little detail.

Overthinking is our thing. We worry, we stress, we over exert ourselves to please somebody else: to put somebody else’s happiness before our own. We spend so much time pre-empting what may happen: instead of enjoying or reacting to what’s happening right now.

A slight change in the number of kisses you receive in a text could trigger a string of ‘is everything okay?’ replies. We believe that one less ‘x’ at the end of a message could suggest that something is changing but, the reality is, the kisses you don’t receive over the phone, are compensated for when you’re together.

We spend our time analysing changes in facial expressions and tone of voice that we often forget to enjoy the moments of pure, raw emotion. We overlook the greater picture and instead focus on the pieces needed to create the perfect masterpiece: even if those pieces aren’t missing in the first place.

Being in love is hard but, being in love when you have anxiety, is so much harder.


We forget that other people have bad days, too.

I’m guilty for this and I wish I could change it. I believe that because I’m dealing with my own mental battles daily that I’m the only person that matters: like I expect people to grant me a ‘free pass’ for being a dick because I’m having a bad day.

But, when you’re in a relationship, this just doesn’t fly. You simply cannot trample over somebody else’s feelings and believe they will continue to accept this forever.

Everybody has a limit and, one day, you’ll push too hard and ruin something incredible.

The brutally ironic part is: I already overthink everything so I kind of know I’m breaking the very heart I crave and adore but, I can’t do anything about it. Sometimes I feel like I’m holding my head underwater – my lungs are burning; my body takes over and tries to save me but my beautifully destructive mind would prefer to see me drown than to let my body do its fucking job.

The heart simply cannot defeat the brain if you continue to feed it’s (your) self-obsession. You must understand that, as a partner or as a best friend, you need to learn to let go of the very thing which will eventually kill you.


Falling in Love When You Have Anxiety is Fucking Hard.


Fuck this, I give up.

Considering how powerful and persuasive my mind is, on its own terms, it is seemingly very fragile and non-responsive when I really need that extra push to get through a difficult time in my relationship.

‘Oh, you had a bad argument about pretty much nothing? Here, let me just go to sleep whilst you deal with that.’ Says my brain, always. Fucking… always.

It sucks and it hurts, not just me, but the person who I would give my life to… No, scratch that: it hurts the person who I want to give my life to. I just don’t know how.

I’d much rather walk away from a relationship than to see myself suffer any longer than I already do. Having an argument is like feeding time in a Lion den when you have anxiety. Even if the person opposite you is screaming out ‘I don’t want to lose you, I want you to stay’ – your mind hears ‘Get out, leave whilst you can, if I can hurt you now – don’t give me the chance to do it again’.

It’s an exhausting game of tug-of-war between my heart and mind. I’m scared that both will become weak and they won’t work again.


Being uncertain makes me angry.

You’ll know (or maybe you don’t) but people who suffer with anxiety have this feeling of eternal impending doom looming over their heads 90% of the time. It’s like constantly walking on a tight-rope from a skyscraper, with no harness on a very windy day.

So, if you feel as if somebody is falling out of love with you, even if they aren’t, you fall into this state of ‘I need constant reassurance that everything is going to be fine…’ and, if this isn’t given to you in a way which you see suitable, your fear of the future can manifest itself into quite the unpredictable temper.

I feel angry because I can’t feel what they feel, I can’t see the good which they see… I’m more scared of them not loving me anymore than I am of anything else.

I’m like that spider your parents try to tell you about ‘He’s more scared of you, than you are of it’. When I’m in love with somebody, that’s how I feel. I’m terrified of them breaking my heart and leaving me in the unstable, incapable mess in which they found me and, because of that, my body’s defence mechanism is to use anger as a substitute for seeing truth.

I can’t be weak and I’m foolish enough to think that, anger, makes me seem stronger.

That’s what my mind thinks and, unfortunately, I’m strapped in to this ride forever. There’s no getting off, there’s no ‘please slow down’: it’s a swell of different emotions that I’m involuntarily throwing myself into to see if I’ll drown or whether I’ll come back up for air.

Because, well, I want to be in love with somebody and, despite the countless reasons why somebody could not love me, I want to feel like I can be loved, too.

I don’t want to feel lost in my own thoughts – I want to share them with somebody and for them to just understand. That’s all I want. I don’t need pity or to be made to feel different: all I want to feel is loved and understood. I suppose that’s paramount in any normal relationship.

It’s just, if you fall in love with me, you don’t get ‘normal’ and that’s what scares me. I hope weird is enough for you… Because, with you, the feeling of love is all I need to get better.

The road to recovery takes time and I have plenty of it. I hope that you can take the time to get to know me and realise that, my illness does not define how I truly feel.

I’ll be honest with you and I’ll love you more than anybody else dares to… if you give me the chance.


Ryan Ritchie

Falling in Love When You Have Anxiety is Fucking Hard.

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Why eating sounds can make people agitated, How long do panic attacks last

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